Seamless IR Distribution for your company announcements

Regulatory and non-regulatory press release system – from IR professionals to IR professionals.

Reach the right audience with our IR Distribution

Inderes IR Distribution is a gateway to efficient press release distribution for listed companies, making life easier for Investor Relations professionals.

Combined with other digital IR tools, Inderes IR Distribution streamlines the IR workflow, ensuring your company’s Investor Relations content reaches the right audience.

Delivered in partnership with

Effortless distribution with our intuitive UI

As a team of experienced IR professionals, we understand the importance of accuracy and reliability in press release distribution.


That’s why we put effort in building a user-friendly interface, that is designed to minimize the risk of errors when sending crucial regulatory releases, providing clear guidance and feedback throughout the process.

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Integrations & Reach

Our system is built with IR professionals in mind, meaning that we reach investors regardless of their location.

Reporting to Finanstilsynet
- now simpler than ever

Meet all requirements for the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet) with an automatic integration and choice of category. 

Our system automatically recognizes whether your announcement should go to the FSA or not.

Reporting to Nasdaq
- with just one click

Reporting to Nasdaq has never been simpler and more secure. With our platform, we make it transparent to choose a category.

Bonus: Our system makes it possible to distribute press releases with significant investor value (“Investor News”).


Whether your investors prefer Bloomberg Terminal, Nordnet, Nasdaq or old-fashioned emails, we’ve got you covered.

Website Integration

Your releases are beautifully integrated to any website, using easy-to-install widgets. The widgets include feeds, archives, showcase components and externally hosted newsrooms. 

Subscription Form

Our subscription forms guarantee your website visitors an easy subscription to the releases they want.


First North Companies

  • Unlimited company announcements
  • Unlimited press releases
  • Unlimited investor press releases
  • Website integration & widgets
  • Email distribution lists

First North exchange release categories:

  • Related party transactions
  • Annual report
  • Interim information
  • Notice to convene annual general meeting
  • Notice to convene extraordinary general meeting
  • Resolutions of annual general meeting
  • Resolutions of extraordinary general meeting
  • Company announcements
  • Company description
  • Corporate action
  • Article of association
  • Information about majority shareholder
  • Change in board/management/certified advisors
  • Changes in share capital and votes

Main Market Companies

  • Unlimited company announcements
  • Unlimited press releases
  • Unlimited investor press releases
  • Website integration & widgets
  • Email distribution lists

Main Market exchange release categories:

  • Own shares
  • Related party transactions
  • Inside information
  • Prospectus
  • Annual financial report
  • Interim report (Q1 and Q3)
  • Half year financial report
  • Information about shareholders
  • Total voting rights and share capital
  • Home country
  • Takeover bid
  • Change in rights attached to securities
  • Other information disclosed according to the rules of the Exchange
  • Net Asset Value
  • Final Bond Terms
  • Notice to general meeting
  • Decisions of general meeting
  • Financial calendar
  • Changes in board/management/auditors
  • Financial Statement Release
  • Payment to authorities

Distribution Channels

Global channels:

  • Nasdaq
  • Bloomberg
  • Reuters
  • LSEG Workspace
  • (Eikon)
  • (Refinitiv)
  • MarketScreener
  • Dow Jones Factiva
  • FactSet
  • Millistream

Danish channels:

  • Finanstilsynet
  • Børsen
  • Nordnet
  • MarketWire
  • InDeres
  • Finans.dk (in progress)
  • Euroinvestor (in progress)

Email distribution:

  • Custom email distribution lists (create your own!)
  • Danish Press outlets

Some of the things you can do with the suite:

Software features:

  • Mitigate risk with automatic integration to FSA (Finanstilsynet) for regulatory compliance
  • Postponed inside information
  • Create your own email distribution lists
  • Automatic feed to your website
  • Immediate release option
  • Timed release option
  • Save releases as draft
  • Import .docx files for release creation
  • Create releases from scratch
  • And more…

The most important
factors for IR Distribution

reach & distribution

Contact our IR Distribution Team

Mie Juel Halse

Head of Digital & Sales