We offer specialised support and regulatory compliance advice.

Empower your organization with seasoned legal advisors adept at ensuring compliance, mitigating risks, and driving strategic decisions. Trust in our partnership to guide you towards legal excellence.

dedicated Legal partner

Aligned with our IR Advisory services, our legal team excels in guiding companies through the complexities of regulatory compliance and corporate governance.

We offer tailored legal advice with flexible engagement options, including fixed-fee agreements or on-demand support, to enhance transparency and investor confidence.

We serve as an additional Investor Relations (IR) resource and strategic sparring partner, offering comprehensive support across the spectrum of ‘IR as a Service.’

Our expertise extends to regulatory duties, stock market dialogue, market intelligence, and internal tasks related to IR functions.


Advisory on the Stock Market

Advise for navigating the stock market

Our Legal Advisory team offers expert guidance on navigating the stock market, ensuring compliance and strategic investment decisions for our clients.

Our key services include:

Navigate MAR Regulations with Expert Legal Advisory

Our Legal Advisory team offers comprehensive guidance on MAR rules, ensuring clients navigate market abuse regulations effectively and maintain compliance.

Our key services include:

Excelling in Corporate Law Advisory

Providing unmatched expertise in corporate law, our team ensures your business navigates legal complexities with confidence for sustainable growth and compliance.

Our key services include:

Guidance on Remuneration, Contracts, & Warrants

Our Legal Advisory team delivers strategic advice on remuneration, contracts, and warrants, ensuring alignment with corporate goals and legal compliance.

Our key services include:

Comprehensive Prospectus Advisory Services

Our Legal Advisory team excels in crafting detailed prospectuses, ensuring regulatory compliance and investor confidence.

Our key services include:

Streamlining the Listing and Delisting Process

Our Legal Advisory team simplifies the complexities of listing and delisting, ensuring a seamless transition and compliance with regulations.

Our key services include:


Our Legal Advisory team specializes in GDPR compliance, ensuring your data handling practices are secure and lawful.

Our key services include:

Ensuring Compliance Excellence Across Your Operations

Our Legal Advisory team offers comprehensive compliance services, tailored to keep your business ahead of regulatory changes and risks.

Our key services include:


Our process starts with a detailed consultation to understand your legal needs, followed by the development of a tailored strategy focusing on compliance and risk mitigation. We then implement this strategy, offering continuous support to navigate challenges and ensure your long-term success and legal compliance.

1. Initial Consultation

Discovering Your Needs

We begin with an in-depth discussion to understand your specific legal needs, challenges, and objectives. This initial consultation helps tailor our approach to align with your business goals.

2. Strategy Development

Crafting Your Legal Roadmap

Our team formulates a customized legal strategy, focusing on compliance, risk mitigation, and strategic outcomes. We outline clear steps, timelines, and expectations to ensure alignment with your objectives.

3. Execution & Support

Navigating to Success

With a strategy in place, we proceed to implementation, providing ongoing support, advice, and adjustments as needed. Our commitment extends beyond resolution, ensuring your business is positioned for long-term success and compliance.

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