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At HC Andersen Capital, we leverage our extensive network within the Investor Relations field, to help listed companies of all sizes recruit top-tier professionals to lead the Investor Relations function.


Leveraging deep market insights and innovative strategies, our IR Recruitment Advisory team addresses your unique challenges in IR talent acquisition and management.

By understanding your specific needs, we customize our approach to identify the best candidates for your vacant positions.

Partner with us to ease your recruitment process for Investor Relations.

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We offer search and screening of candidates for the following positions:

We will identity and interview potential candidates and provide you with a list of suitable and motivated candidates for your vacant IR positions.

Head of Investor Relations

The Head of Investor Relations manages communication between a company’s corporate management and its investors. They provide financial information, answer investor queries, report on financial results, and articulate the company’s strategy, ensuring that the company’s securities are accurately valued in the market.

IR Manager / Senior IR Officer

An IR Manager or Senior IR Officer oversees the communication between a company and its investors, ensuring transparency in financial matters. They prepare earnings reports, manage investor inquiries, maintain investor databases, and organize meetings. Their work supports accurate market valuation and fosters investor confidence.

IR Officer

The IR Officer facilitates communication between a company and its investors, helping to maintain transparent relationships. They assist in preparing financial disclosures, organizing investor meetings, and responding to investor inquiries. Their role is crucial in ensuring investors are well-informed about the company’s financial health and strategic direction.

IR Coordinator

Your IR Coordinator supports the Investor Relations team by organizing meetings, managing communications, and maintaining records. They assist with preparing presentations and financial documents for investors, handling logistics for investor events, and ensuring timely responses to investor inquiries. Their role is essential in facilitating smooth Investor Relations operations.


Our Recruitment Advisory process begins with understanding your unique needs, followed by creating a tailored strategy that includes innovative sourcing and screening methods. We then assist in implementing this strategy, continuously optimizing based on feedback to ensure alignment with your goals and market dynamics.

1. Discovery & Analysis

We initiate by comprehensively understanding your organization’s culture, values, and specific hiring needs. This phase involves gathering insights into your current recruitment processes, challenges, and objectives to tailor our advisory services effectively.

2. Strategy Development

Based on the initial analysis, we design a bespoke recruitment strategy incorporating innovative sourcing methods, screening techniques, and diversity initiatives. This plan aims to address your unique challenges and leverage opportunities to attract and retain top talent.

3. Implementation

With a strategy in place, we assist in implementing the recommended processes, offering continuous support and adjustments based on performance metrics and feedback. This phase ensures the recruitment strategy evolves to meet your organizational goals and market changes efficiently.

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