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Stellar participant experience and increased reach for your IR Events

Our Investor Relations events are here to enhance the bond between your company and its investors, focusing on your narrative and key messages. We provide expertly moderated Investor Relations events, tailored to our clients’ needs, ensuring a focused and insightful discussion.

Investor experience matters

Democratic online investor events offer equal access, foster trust, and empower investors. By embracing transparency and innovation, companies strengthen relationships and mitigate volatility.


Boost your Investor Relations by converting restricted calls to investor friendly interactive events, accessible from all devices.

With Our IR Events, you are able to grant your audience smooth access to the event with the devices they prefer to use. Give voice to your audience and empower your Q&As with chat, audio or video.

event services we provide

Branded event site

With our tailored IR event site, your events are aligned with your brand, not the brand of the tool you are using. With our IR events you are able to provide investors seamless access to the event with the through their preferred device. Empower your audience’s voice through Q&A sessions with chat, audio or video.

Embeddable event player

Our unique technology offers a benchmark experience for your investor events. Whether you choose to use audio only or also video, the presentation slides can be indexed with the talked content and offer an intuitive interface to serve the content to investors. Our event player can be embedded in your IR site, and in any other site of choice.


Communicate and connect with your investors using our teleconference system for a smooth and high quality experience. Give voice to your audience through the Q&A session where the audience can ask their questions directly to you.


All conference calls include a dedicated operator, browserbased platform and real-time Q&A. Audience can join in through online registration or traditional dial-in methods.


Events can be accessed with all devices and browsers. For Q&A you can choose from variety of options – you can include moderated chat question possibility to offer retail investors real opportunity to ask, and professional investors can raise hand in the web interface, or enter the Q&A queue from telephone lines. For the first time, these all options are integrated into a seamless service which does not require any outside parties to operate some part of the service.


You do not worry about the transcript. AI enhanced transcript can be delivered and accessible automatically shortly after the live event if wanted. Transcript is AI enhanced per default, and can be upgraded to human corrected if needed. Transcript can be indexed to the event player and recording viewers can search from the transcript with keywords. Naturally, also a downloadable version is available for increased convenience.

Detailed audience insights

Our service comes with integrated registration features and analytics dashboard serving valuable insights about who has registered, who showed up and how long they spent time with the content.  

Delivered in partnership with


We combine the right live-audience with simple and efficient technology – distributed where the investors are.


Event hosted in collaboration with HC Andersen Capital with connected analyst. Option for  web or audiocast. We will support your IR team with IR-planning, cross border distribution and much more.


Web – or Audiocast. Your official digital investor event customised to your corporate branding, fully under your control from A-Z.


Best of both worlds. Include opportunity for the participants to dial in to legacy telephone numbers and ask questions through phone. 

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