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We are a Certified Advisor on Nasdaq First North - Copenhagen

As a Certified Advisor on First North Copenhagen, we offer unparalleled guidance for both listed and unlisted companies, specializing in strategic advisory, regulatory compliance, and market navigation to ensure successful public listing and growth.

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For listed and unlisted companies

As Certified Advisors, our expertise extends to both unlisted and listed companies, facilitating their journey through the First North listing process with a focus on regulatory compliance, strategic planning, and ongoing support.

We provide a blend of legal, financial, and strategic advisory services tailored to navigate the challenges of entering and thriving in the public market.

Our team ensures a smooth transition for unlisted companies aiming to list on Nasdaq First North and delivers continuous strategic guidance for those already listed, leveraging our comprehensive support and deep industry knowledge for your success.


As a Certified Advisor on First North Copenhagen, we offer comprehensive support to listed companies, including regulatory guidance, financial reporting assistance, Investor Relations strategy development, and compliance with market surveillance rules.
Our expertise ensures your company remains in good standing, maximizing opportunities for growth and investor engagement.

Guidance on Listing Requirements

Assisting with understanding and meeting the initial and ongoing listing requirements of Nasdaq First North Copenhagen.

Preparation of Listing Documents

Helping in the preparation of all necessary documentation for listing, including the company description and financial reports.

Due Diligence Support

Conducting or facilitating due diligence processes to ensure compliance with market regulations and to prepare for the scrutiny of being a public entity.

Regulatory Compliance Advice

Providing ongoing advice on compliance with the rules and regulations of the exchange, including disclosure obligations.

Financial Reporting Assistance

Advising on the preparation and presentation of financial reports in accordance with applicable accounting standards and exchange requirements.

Corporate Governance Guidance

Offering guidance on best practices in corporate governance to fulfill the expectations of investors and regulatory bodies.

Investor Relations Strategy

Assisting in developing and implementing an Investor Relations strategy to effectively communicate with shareholders and potential investors.

Market Surveillance Compliance

Ensuring the company understands and complies with market surveillance and integrity rules to prevent market abuse.

Ongoing Operational Support

Providing continuous support for operational issues related to being a listed company, including corporate actions and transaction reporting.


As a Certified Advisor for First North Copenhagen, we assist unlisted companies in navigating their journey towards going public.

Our services include evaluating readiness for listing, preparing necessary documentation, ensuring regulatory compliance, and strategic financial counseling to smooth the transition to a publicly listed entity, fostering growth and investor confidence.

Assessment of Listing Suitability

Assessing the company’s comprehensive readiness and determining its appropriateness for becoming publicly listed on the Nasdaq First North Copenhagen exchange.

Preparation for Listing

Guiding companies through the preparation process for going public, including meeting listing criteria and understanding the regulatory landscape.

Financial Documentation Preparation

Assisting in the preparation of necessary financial documents and reports that meet the exchange’s requirements.

Corporate Governance Advice

Advising on the establishment of appropriate corporate governance structures to meet the expectations of investors and regulators.

Regulatory Compliance Guidance:

Providing insights and guidance on regulatory compliance, including the rules and regulations specific to Nasdaq First North Copenhagen.

IPO Preparation and Strategy

Helping with the overall strategy for the Initial Public Offering (IPO), including pricing, timing, and investor targeting.

Due Diligence Facilitation

Conducting or assisting in due diligence processes to ensure that all regulatory and exchange requirements are met.

Investor Relations Preparation

Developing a strategy for Investor Relations to effectively communicate with future shareholders and the wider market.

Training and Education

Offering training and education to the company’s management and board on the responsibilities and challenges of being a listed entity.

Certified Advisor - OUR PROCESS & APPROACH

Our approach as Certified Advisors involves offering tailored advisory services, implementing a comprehensive compliance framework, and providing ongoing strategic support. We guide both unlisted and listed companies through the complexities of Nasdaq First North, ensuring a smooth listing process and facilitating sustained growth and compliance in the dynamic public market landscape.

1. Tailored Advisory Services

We begin by understanding your specific needs, whether you’re aiming to list or already navigating the complexities of being listed. Our approach is to tailor our advisory services to align with your strategic goals, ensuring that every step we take together is calibrated for your success.

2. Comprehensive Compliance Framework

Our process involves embedding a robust compliance framework from the outset. For unlisted companies, this means preparing for the listing with a clear understanding of regulatory requirements. For listed companies, we focus on maintaining compliance and leveraging regulatory frameworks to your advantage.

3. Ongoing Strategic Support

We believe in building long-term relationships. Our support extends beyond the initial listing process, offering continuous strategic advice to adapt to market changes, capitalize on growth opportunities, and navigate challenges in the dynamic environment of Nasdaq First North.

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