Commissioned research

Our commissioned research aims to deepen the understanding of the analyzed company. We take pride in doing our best to analyze the company in the interest of the investors.

We take pride in delivering valuable insights into the company for investors. Our team of analysts works tirelessly to create research that empowers investors to make informed decisions.

Our Research

Commissioned research reports offer in-depth analysis and insights, providing private and institutional investors with valuable information for informed decision-making and potential investment planning.

Analyst Comments

Analyst comments give investors an easy insight and overview of company news and significant events.


We share our research on the leading financial platforms as well as HCA’s platforms including on Inderes and all our social media channels. This ensures that it reaches the investors where they are.

Inderes (incl. forum)

Inderes is our investor platform which also includes an open forum. Awareness  and transparency can translate into increased trading as more investors become informed about the company.

(+) Investor Presentations

In combination with our research it is possible to further inform investors via Investor Presentations. Virtual events with CEO/CFO/IROs can significantly enhance investor engagement.

Based on a proven model

We work in close collaboration with Inderes in Finland, who serve more than 400 listed Nordic companies.

The Inderes-model our research is based on is renowned for being independent and more importantly available to everyone.

Our Research covers...


In our one-pager product, we primarily target private investors, covering the investment case, key investment reasons, key investment risks, as well as valuation perspectives, often based on a peer group.

These usually include:

Extensive report

The extensive report targets both private and institutional investors. We dive deep into industries, analyze market trends, and assess potential outcomes of the analyzed company based on a comprehensive analysis.

These usually include:

We ensure your investors stay up to date

Here are some of the things we do

Example: SPKS

Distribution is key

Not only do we do research, but we ensure it is distributed where the investors are and that it is easily accessible; Professional as well as private.

Contact our Research Team

Kasper Lihn

Head of Research, Managing Director