Announcement: Launch of HCA Corporate Finance

Dear all Biosnackers,

Happy New Year!

It is a great pleasure to announce the launch of HCA Corporate Finance. In this context, Phillip Stjernekilde is appointed Head of Corporate Finance, Managing Director. HCA Corporate Finance will be a consultant for small- and mid-cap companies in connection with stock listings (including delistings and uplistings), capital raising (for listed and unlisted companies) and corporate transactions (buy and sell). We would like to aspire to be the consultant that has the trust of companies and investors and strengthens the small- and mid-cap market.

What is special about HCA Corporate Finance? There are many talented advisors, but we believe there is room for an advisor with a particular focus and a slightly different model for collaborating with companies. Our mission is democratization and digitalization – and we will build on both that and the good work our colleagues in HCA Research, HCA Digital and HCA Advisory are already doing.

It requires curiosity and insight to develop companies and advise them on transactions – we will build a team in humility for the task.

Team: Phillip Stjernekilde will be the leader of HCA CF with the support of Lawyer Jette Jakobsen from HCA Legal and deep involvement from Tue Østergaard and the rest of the HCA team. We will recruit so that business and development follow each other.

The establishment is a natural extension of wanting to be full service and one stop shop within investor relations. The activities complement our other activities, but are naturally kept separate. IR as a Service (IRaaS).

With the establishment of Corporate Finance, we are approaching the full range of advice. Our mission is to digitize and democratize the financial markets. Here is a more detailed translation of the key points of the announcement:

• HCA Corporate Finance is a new division of HC Andersen Capital that will provide corporate finance services to small- and mid-cap companies.
• The division will focus on stock listings, capital raising, and corporate transactions.
• Phillip Stjernekilde is the new head of HCA Corporate Finance.
• The division is part of HC Andersen Capital’s mission to democratize and digitize the financial markets.

If you interested in hearing what we can offer and where we differ from existing players in the field of Corporate Finance, please contact

Claus Thestrup
+45 31620740