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eRisk Intelligence is a dynamic world leader in intelligence, risk assessment and planning, offering comprehensive support with our end-to-end risk management system and 24 hr watch team of highly experienced analysts. We have specialised in the analysis of threats from and interaction between piracy, organised crime, terrorism, insurgency and military conflicts since 2001 and in 2008 we launched the Risk Intelligence System – an unrivalled and fully integrated risk assessment and planning tool.

Through the Risk Intelligence System and our high quality advisory services, we provide valid, actionable intelligence to 15.4% of the maritime world fleet. Our clients include ship operators, managers and owners, offshore operators, oil and gas companies, marine and war risk insurers, as well as governmental and military organisations.

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På vores Small & Mid Cap seminar, sluttede vi dagen af med CEO Peter Zerhouni fra InDex Pharmaceuticals AB til en kort introduktion af selskabet. 

InDex Pharmaceuticals AB and CEO Peter Zerhouni presents at Redeye ABLife Science day



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