HCA ROBOTICS sector report

HCA Robotics Sector Report – October 2022
In our Robotics sector report for October 2022, we provide insights into the recent market trends such as nearshoring and deglobalization, and how this potentially will have a positive effect on the robotics and automation sector. In the report, we also look into how both small and mid-sized Nordic robotics and automation companies as well as global market-leading companies are valued. Finally, we present one-pager investment cases of 3 Danish companies within the robotics and automation sector. Note that these companies are paying clients from a Digital IR agreement.

Macroeconomic uncertainty could support the growth
Historically, the Robotics and Automation sector, measured by the Global Robotics and Automation Index (ROBO) ETF, have underperformed other growth sectors such as Cloud and GreenTech. However, the Robotics and Automation sector could be the next winner this decade due to the global macroeconomic uncertainty with inflationary pressure, labor shortages, and an increasing nearshoring trend to protect global supply chains. To overcome labor shortages and secure supply chains, companies in the developed world could move its production closer to their home markets, which will increase investments in the Robotics and Automation sector.


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Disclaimer: HC Andersen Capital receives payment for a Corporate Visibility/Digital IR subscription agreement from several of the companies that are included in the report.