Year end 2021 report (Event)

Victor Skriver

Victor Skriver

Yesterday reported year end 2021 report, where turnover grew 65% and reached SEK 17,9 mio.

In that connection we hosted an event with Chairman Claus T. Hansen CEO i Mikkel Kofod Christensen.

The focus on the event where on the underlying achievement that has created the high growth rates, and a look into 2022 and the targets for both OCS business (repair vans) and the new Online E-car sales business.

For the OCS business they expect to grow the revenue to SEK 58 mio. on a 12-month rolling basis end 2022, up from SEK 27 mio. this year. With 20 vans on the road compared to 8 end of 2021.

For the online e-car platform they give targets on number of expected cars sold and how much bundled sales. the targets are 570 cars and 60% sold with other services.

Later this year though, the comp any will be more specific on a financial number for online business.

HC Andersen Capital receives payment from Omnicar Holding AB trough a Digital IR/Corporate Visibility agreement./Michael Friis, 01-03-2022, kl. 13:00