SeaRaptor Bravo complete ultra-deep water AUV survey work

Kasper Lihn

Kasper Lihn

Argeo announced yesterday that the company’s SeaRaptor Bravo has completed its ultra-deep water AUV survey work, referring to the contract which was signed with an undisclosed customer in late December 2021. In the project, the SeaRaptor product acquired sonar, environmental, and photogrammetry data at depths down to 5,000 meters. In the announcement, Argeo also highlighted that its SeaRaptors now are qualified for tasks covering 90% of the Earth’s oceans with its advanced sensors systems. Read more here:

HC Andersen Capital receives payment from Argeo trough a Digital IR/Corporate Visibility agreement. /Kasper Lihn, 27-07-2022, kl. 09:01