Mekonomen Group invest in OmniCar (Event)

Victor Skriver

Victor Skriver

Yesterday OmniCar announced that Mekonomen Group made a strategic investment and capital injection of 19 MSEK

Mekonomen is a leading automotive spare parts chain in northern Europe. The company has proprietary wholesale operations, more than 470 stores, and almost 3,600 workshops. The market capitalization of Mekonomen is approx. SEK 6,3 billion.

Thereby a seal of approval from one of the leading companies in the workshop area in the Nordic region.

Today we together with Chairman of the Board Claus T. Hansen and CEO Mikkel Kofod Christensen discussed the details of the transaction and the strategic rationale behind taking mekonomen as investors.

HC Andersen Capital receives payment from Omnicar Holding AB through a Digital IR/Corporate Visibility agreement. /Michael Friis 11-03-2022, 14:20