MapsPeople – SaaS update

Kasper Lihn

Kasper Lihn

MapsPeople reports Q1 2022 financials tomorrow, 17th May, which will provide the first insights into the development of 2022.

MapsPeople expects to accelerate its ARR growth from 50% in 2021 to between 82% and 107% in 2022. Expected growth rates are supported by MapsPeople’s momentum in partnerships end of 2021 and a more open world after COVID-19. However, Q1 numbers and comments about the current market situation will provide more clarity.  

Looking at the latest news, MapsPeople announced at the end of April that the company expands its global presence with a new sales hub in Singapore for the APAC region. MapsPeople has already built strategic alliances with partners in APAC and serves different industries such as corporate offices, universities, and sports arenas.

We host a Q1 presentation Thursday, 19th May 11:00 AM with MapsPeople’s CEO and Chairman. Sign up here:

In relation to our SaaS sector report, which is expected to be published next week, we have attached an overview of MapsPeople below.  

HC Andersen Capital receives payment from MapsPeople for a Digital IR/Corporate Visibility subscription agreement. /Kasper Lihn 11:00, 16th May 2022.