Idogen is preparing to start the clinical phase 1/2a study with IDO 8 in Norway

Claus Thestrup

Claus Thestrup

CEO, HCA Capital Sweden

Idogen is working intensively on the preparations for the company’s first clinical study with the cell therapy IDO 8 in patients with severe hemophilia A and is meeting a great deal of commitment at participating study centers. In Norway, the company’s clinical trial center has come a long way in preparations for the study.

Idogen has previously received approval from both the Swedish and the Norwegian Medicines Agency to start the study, and in Norway, patients who are suitable for inclusion have now been identified. Professor Pål Andre Holme, senior physician at Oslo University Hospital and clinical investigator in Idogen’s study, says in an interview with BioStock that he expects to soon be able to start the study and hopes to start after the summer. What remains in Norway is an approval from the local ethics committee. “Idogen’s cell therapy is a completely new type of treatment that we hope will enable many hemophilia A patients to once again benefit from FVIII treatment, which would have very positive consequences. I look forward to seeing the results of the phase 1/2a study,” he further says. 

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