Erik Penser Bank initiates coverage of Idogen

Claus Thestrup

Claus Thestrup

CEO, HCA Capital Sweden

Idogen develops tolerogenic cell therapies with the aim to treat conditions or diseases caused by an unwanted immune response. In conjunction when the company is about to enter clinical phase with its most advanced development program IDO 8, Erik Penser Bank (EPB) has initiated coverage of Idogen and has published its initiation analysis of Idogen.

The company has currently focus on areas where there are large unmet medical needs – like e.g. Hemophilia A where patients have developed antibodies against its vital treatment with factor VIII. Another example is patients that have received a kidney transplant and where they are of risk of developing a rejection. The first clinical study within the IDO 8 program has, as previously announced, received regulatory approval in both Sweden and Norway. The first patient is planned to be included during the autumn. 

“We are today very glad to announce EPB’s initial coverage of our company. As a comment to the actual analysis, I would to mention that our Key Opinion Leaders see a potential that our cell therapy could be used earlier in the treatment paradigm and thus replace the rather difficult, conventional immunotolerabilization currently used with factor VIII (so called ITI). If this turns out to be the case, our target population  could be three time larger than what EPB has estimated” says Christina Herder, acting CEO.

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