Company-Sponsored research

Victor Skriver

Victor Skriver

ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies today has published an company sponsored research from Analysguiden on their corporate investor website.

The reason for the update is the full year results, and new scenarios on the Covid-19 potential market size and sales through the partner Bavarian.  

The main conclusions surround around the expectations of the Covid-10 candidate ABNCoV2 is going to play a role later endemic stage for protection of elderly and vulnerable persons, and not a role in the prevention of the current pandemic.

Something also stated by the partner Bavarian in its communication.

We do also notice, that despite many analysts questioning the size of the Covid-19 market in the coming years, and heavy drop in the share-price of Bavarian, new analyst targets on top of Bavarians reporting is kept pretty stable. A sign that analyst still think it’s a valid scenario.

HC Andersen Capital receives payment from ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies trough a Digital IR/Corporate Visibility agreement./Michael Friis, 12-03-2022, kl. 12:55