BoMill – Annual general meeting

Claus Thestrup

Claus Thestrup

CEO, HCA Capital Sweden

On May 12, 2022, the annual general meeting was held in BoMill. All decisions were taken with a requisite majority, and some of the decisions made were:

– The meeting decided to dispose of the company’s results according to the board’s proposal in the annual report. The meeting further decided that no dividend will be paid for the financial year 2021. The board and the CEO were granted discharge.

– The meeting decided that the board shall consist of six board members and one board deputy. The meeting decided that an auditor should be appointed and no deputy auditor.

– The meeting decided that Lars Persson, Henrik Hedlund and Magnus René are re-elected as regular board members and that Peter Nilsson, Stefan Stockhaus and Pierre Kiener are elected as new board members and that Arthur Hedlund is re-elected as deputy board member. The meeting decided on the re-election of Lars Persson as chairman of the board.

BoMill is a grain sorting company that sells quality sorting technology and know-how throughout Europe and North America, with the help of their own sales organization or agents/distributors. The company is listed and traded on the NASDAQ – First North Growth Market since 2020. BoMill’s vision is that if you can sort kernels, individually, based on their internal characteristics and quality, you should be able to get a homogeneous product that enables more efficient production and a better quality of the finished product, regardless of what is produced.

Disclaimer: HC Andersen Capital receives payment from BoMill  for a DigitalIR/Corporate Visibility agreement.