BioStock interviews Christina Herder new CEO in Idogen

Claus Thestrup

Claus Thestrup

CEO, HCA Capital Sweden

Idogen is a company developing tolerogenic cell therapies to treat conditions or diseases caused by an unwanted immune response in the patient. The candidate drug ItolDC-028 will within short be tested for the first time in patients with haemophilia who have developed antibodies against their vital factor VIII treatment. The aim is to make the patients responsing again to their factor VIII treatment. Christina Herder took office as acting CEO on September 1 and is giving her first interview with BioStock.

During the autumn, Christina is expecting a number of key events which are mentioned in the interview;

  • The first patient will be included in the study and will receive its first treatment
  • The Clinical Trial Application will be submitted in additional countries outside of the Nordics
  • We will also increase our external focus by publishing scientific articles, participate at medical conferences as well as in partnering events

It feels great to lead the company during this very intense and transforming autumn, the most important during the company’s history” says Christina Herder, acting CEO.

Further, the exercise period for warrants in series TO 5 in Idogen begun last week. In the event of full exercise of all Warrants, the Company will receive approximately MSEK 25.4 before issue costs. In order for the Warrants not to expire and lose their value, they must be actively sold by September 27, 2022 at the latest or alternatively exercised by September 29, 2022.

“During autumn, we will achieve the most important milestone in the company’s history, as we will soon take the step from research into clinical trials. Starting our first clinical study with the cell therapy ItolDC-028 within the IDO 8 program in patients with hemophilia who have developed antibodies is something we have worked towards for a long time and it’s a very important step for Idogen but also for our entire research field globally.” says Christina Herder, acting CEO of Idogen.

Disclaimer: HC Andersen Capital receives payment from Idogen for a DigitalIR/Corporate Visibility agreement.