Amniotics – Report for the Second Quarter 2022

Claus Thestrup

Claus Thestrup

CEO, HCA Capital Sweden

April – June in brief

Other events after the end of the reporting period

  • The company received approval by regulatory authorities in UK and Sweden for its first clinical trial with PulmoStem™. The study is a first-in-human Phase I/II study in hospitalized COVID-19 patients aiming to investigate the safety and tolerability of different doses of PulmoStem™.
  • US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has approved a patent application for the company’s stem cell product PulmoStem™.

“It is with great satisfaction that I can state that during second quarter we delivered real breakthroughs for Amniotics. During the quarter, we received approval for our first clinical study. Our business within contract manufacturing has been strengthened through new hires in the production team during the quarter. We have also done changes in our product portfolio for the coming year where we intend to prioritize the company’s resources on PulmoStem™ within the indications Covid-19/ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and lung transplantation as well as NK cells in oncology. This aims to optimize the company’s capacity and financial resources in the areas where we see the greatest potential in the near term.” says Kåre Engkilde, CEO of Amniotics. 

Further he states, “During the quarter, Amniotics has expanded with new employees, and strengthened our finances, to enable our intensive research work. We have an exciting autumn ahead of us and we feel well prepared for the challenges we face with the goal of being able to help seriously ill people to a better life.”

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