Agillic – Presentation of Annual report 2021



This morning Agillic has released its annual report for 2021. Agillic grew its annual recurring revenue (ARR) to DKK 55.7 million, corresponding to a growth rate of 20%. Agillic also reported a small positive EBITDA result of DKK 0.7m in line with its expectations of between DKK 0 to DKK 3 million.

SaaS metrics show that the growth primarily is driven by ARR transactions (72% growth) which is back at pre-pandemic levels from 2019. ARR subscriptions grew 12%, and the number of new customers has increased to an all-time high number of clients of 97 end 2021 (82 clients end 2020). The average ARR per customer is kept at the level of DKK 0.6 million.

Agillic also ensures that no further financing is needed in the next period due to its solid cash position of DKK 20.6 million by the end of 2021 and expectations of being cash flow positive in 2022.

Looking further into 2022, Agillic maintains its guidance for 2022 presented in their Reboot 2.1 Strategy from January 2021, i.e. total ARR of DKK 65-70 million (17-26% growth) and EBITDA between DKK -3 million and 3 million. This means that Agillic keeps its ambitions to grow profitable.  

Gross margin decreased slightly from 87% to 85% which is still high compared to other SaaS companies. Taking customer acquisition costs into perspective, months to recover CAC is strengthened from 12 months to 8 months which is better than the average in the SaaS sector.  

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HC Andersen Capital receives payment from Agillic for a Digital IR/Corporate Visibility subscription agreement. /Kasper Lihn, 08:59 25-02-2022.