Agillic – Presentation of Annual report 2021 (Event)



Yesterday Agillic released its annual report for 2021. A report that both showed continued momentum on new clients and ARR, and delivered on the ambition to grow profitable.

In that connection we hosted and event with CEO Emre Gürsoy.

Besides the financial, result we took a deep dive into the SaaS metrics of the business, the continued effort to expand their partner ecosystem, and the drivers for why 2022 will show continued momentum.

with financial markets more focused on profitability, we especially take notice of the low payback on getting new ARR onboard of 8 months, which also shows up with Agillic being profitable, although a just shy of break-even.

Looking at the latest numbers for US companies in the SaaS sector in the middle growth bucket (between 20-30% % ARR growth), that comparable number is 26 months.

You can also read more about the financial results here:

HC Andersen Capital receives payment from Agillic for a Digital IR/Corporate Visibility subscription agreement./Michael Friis, 26-02-2022, 09:13