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Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn

Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn: Investorpræsentation, oktober 2022

Vi har i HC Andersen Capital, som annonceret tidligere på måneden, indledt samarbejde med Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn. Vi er glade og stolte over at kunne tilføje …

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NeoDynamics has received FDA approval for the NeoNavia pulse biopsy system

The medTech company NeoDynamics has received approval for its innovative pulse biopsy system NeoNavia® from the US Food and Drug Administration, FDA. The US breast …

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BioStock interviews Christina Herder new CEO in Idogen

Idogen is a company developing tolerogenic cell therapies to treat conditions or diseases caused by an unwanted immune response in the patient. The candidate drug …

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Flad omsætning, men et vist indtjeningspres i Q1 2022/23

Flügger group A/S har her midt på dagen udsendt regnskab for 1. kvartal 2022/23, hvor de nyligt opdaterede helårsforventninger til 2022/23 fastholdes. Selve kvartalet viser en …

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Redeye updates their analysis of Idogen AB as the company approaches clinical phase

Idogen is a company that is developing tolerogenic cell therapies with the aim to treat conditions or diseases caused by an unwanted immune response in …

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PhD Marcus Larsson – new CEO for Amniotics

Amniotics announced this week that the board of directors has resolved to appoint PhD Marcus Larsson as new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Amniotics. Marcus …

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Erik Penser Bank initiates coverage of Idogen

Idogen develops tolerogenic cell therapies with the aim to treat conditions or diseases caused by an unwanted immune response. In conjunction when the company is …

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Amniotics – Report for the Second Quarter 2022

April – June in brief Other events after the end of the reporting period The company received approval by regulatory authorities in UK and Sweden …

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Amniotics AB Phase I/II study of PulmoStem in hospitalized COVID-19 patients is ready to start!

Amniotics today announced that several batches of PulmoStem have been certified by the company’s Qualified Person (QP) and that clinical sites in the UK and …

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