HCA GreenTech sector report

In our new GreenTech report for September 2022, we provide insights into the recent market trends within the green transition. Focusing on 2022, green investments have accelerated following the geopolitical situation in Europe moving away from importing Russian gas combined with US President Biden’s USD 369 billion climate plan. In the report, we also take a look at how small and mid-sized GreenTech companies are valued in the Nordic region. Finally, we present one-pager investment cases of 8 small cap and mid cap GreenTech companies within different segments and technologies in the green/energy transition. Note that these companies are paying clients from a Digital IR/Corporate Visibility agreement.

One of the best performing sectors in 2022
Despite market uncertainty in 2022 with increasing interest rates affecting growth stocks negatively, the green/clean energy sector, measured by the broad iShares Clean Energy ETF, has performed well, up approx. 20% year-to-date. This is a significant excess return compared to the MSCI World Index, down approx. 20% year-to-date. Future share price development in the sector is hard to predict, however, a massive capital inflow is expected to be invested in the GreenTech sector as politicians and companies continuously are looking for new ways to solve the biggest challenge in the world.


Kasper Lihn
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Disclaimer: HC Andersen Capital receives payment for a Corporate Visibility/Digital IR subscription agreement from several of the companies that are included in the report.