Life Science – Sweden

Life Science - Sweden 03 SeptemberSep 2021 09:00 - 11:45 Europe/CopenhagenOnline Event

Life Science – Sweden

HC Andersen Capital has the pleasure to invite you to a virtual life science seminar focusing on immunotherapy, an area in which Sweden is a leading nation.
Sweden capitalises on the strong political climate, with immunotherapy being high-priority to politicians in Stokholm, while also leveraging the talent pool of Sweden and Denmark, including many researchers and companies.
We have invited Agneta Edberg to open our seminar, who, in addition to a Professional Board Career, is one of the key opinion leaders in the field. Agneta will talk shortly about cell therapy in general, where we are today, what it creates of options for treatment of e.g., autoimmune diseases, and what the socio-economic consequences look like.
Meet Idogen CEO, Anders Karlsson and CSO, Åsa Schiött, who have a leading technology platform within haemophilia.
As well as Elicera CEO, Jamal El-Mosleh and CSO, Magnus Essand who is among the first in the world with self-developed CAR-T cells, will present.
Last but certainly not least, CEO Johan Liwing from XNK Therapeutics will present their unique NK cell project, which is in late phase 2.
We are looking forward to this event, which is packed with interesting knowledge for all types of investors.

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Life Science - Sweden 03 SeptemberSep 2021 09:00 - 11:45 Europe/Copenhagen
Life Science - Sweden Online Event