Data & Analytics

At HC Andersen Capital we track data across our Digital Investor Relations platform. Our platforms include:

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, E-mail, Twitter, Web-page & Youtube. By tracking these platforms, we get to know our followers and can create more relevant and better content for them along with maximizing the reach of our client’s equity story and thereby working toward a democratization of the stock market.

Below you can find the latest data report for the HC Andersen Capital Digital IR Platform attached, where the development of our platform can be examined. Our primary metrics are reach, click/engagement rates, plays, posts and followers. Making us able to track the development and work data-driven on behalf of our clients. At the end of the presentation, we have made a dictionary slide to explain the key metrics. 

Find the latest data report here!

What´s in it for our Clients?

As a Client on the HC Andersen Capital Digital Investor relations platform, you receive a Quarterly data report with the purpose of showing the most important company-specific data metrics. On LinkedIn and Facebook we track Reach, Click-Rate and Posts. On Youtube we track Reach, Plays, Click-Rate, Average View-time and the number of Videos. Furthermore, we also track our events regarding participants and how they rate the event. Finally, a key data source for us is the newsletter, and website, where we are able to track how many read and/or download our client’s investment cases and for how long they do so.

Analyzing these metrics provide us with an opportunity to work in cooperation with our clients in a data-driven approach to improve their metrics and thereby help our clients communicate better with their current and potential investors.