Our software for digital pre-voting, online-voting and mobile device onsite voting enables pure-bred virtual AGMs and smooth hybrid and onsite shareholder meetings. 

Knowledge and technology for your AGM excellence

Shareholder meetings are an annual milestone that require careful planning and flawless execution. HC Andersen Capital, in close collaboration with Inderes, provides turn-key services for virtual, hybrid or classic on-site AGMs, serving both large and small listed companies in the Nordics. 


We offer tailormade solutions to fit your needs. Whether it be a traditional AGM or fully virtual – we have you covered.


We offer secure and efficient electronic voting systems, making it easier for shareholders to vote and record their decisions.


The interactive features of virtual AGMs promote better communication between shareholders and management.


With AGMs, the reduced need for physical meetings, promotes sustainability and overall environmental impact.

A solution for every scenario

Classic AGM

In this solution we provide the traditional technology for an on-site AGM, and we can enhance it with event design, high quality production and streaming technology. 

Pre-registration and pre-voting are included in this service.

Hybrid AGM

Hybrid mode is the most comprehensive way to execute a vAGM, where users can vote and use the right to speak, either on site or over the internet.


Pre-registration and pre-voting are included in this service.


We are the ultimate partner for this solution – combining event design, production and technology for a smooth experience.

Virtual AGM

All shareholders participate virtually so it is enough to take the most compact studio. This is the most straight forward way to execute an AGM and especially valuable for companies with large owners abroad.


Pre-registration and pre-voting are included in this service.